Non-DeArmond products

Some pickups produced by other manufacturers are sometimes mistakenly assumed to have been manufactured by the Rowe Industries Inc./H. N. Rowe & Company/Rowe DeArmond Inc./DeArmond Inc./Tosh Electronics group of companies, all of Toledo, Ohio, USA.

A selection of the most common examples is shown below.  Identifying these pickups in this manner does not infer criticism on them in any way, but merely clarifies their source.

This site would gratefully appreciate any information on this particular subject.

These pickups, shown here with a black top, but also available with either a chrome or white top, installed in some Guild guitars including the X-50 archtop, were not manufactured by DeArmond.  It is likely that they were manufactured by the same company that manufactured Guild’s chrome humbuckers, because the above pickup’s connections terminate in a very small insulated connector unit exposed on the underside of the pickup – the same arrangement as on Guild’s humbucker.

single-coil pickup

This single-coil pickup with non-adjustable individual pole-pieces is fitted in some Guild Guitars, and is sometimes referred to as the ‘Mickey Mouse’ pickup.

Pickup fitted to Kay guitars

This pickup was fitted to a number of Kay guitars.  The cover and bezel were manufactured as one pressing.  The pickup is quite shallow, enabling it to be surface-mounted on a pickguard or recessed with the bezel hidden.  The date of manufacture was sometimes stamped in ink on the underside of the pickup.  Note the closeness of the two fixing holes to the pickup body proper.  Several cosmetic variations to the plain chrome top exist, including an embossed diamond pattern and a printed black and white pattern.

Pickup fitted to Kay mandolin

This pickup fitted to a Kay mandolin was manufactured by Kay.

This pickup is found on a number of Japanese guitars, and may have been manufactured by Teisco.  The combination of slots and pole openings filled in a gold finish could contribute to its mistaken identity as a DeArmond item.

Japanese pickup