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This site is dependent upon the generosity of many who have agreed to make their time and information available to me and thus to you.  Some of those persons, organisations and companies are listed below, in mostly alphabetical order.

Individuals, mostly ex-DeArmond: Terry Calvert, L. Rex Klopfenstein Jnr., Tom Ricketts, John Sudek, Steve Tosh, Ken Zeurcher, Dave Walters.

A particular word of thanks to Tom Ricketts who kindly took my first phone call in November 2001 and from there answered my many questions and directed me towards several other ex-employees.

Allen-Bradley (potentiometers).

Dick Boak and Jason M. Ahner, of CF Martin

Walter Carter

CTS Corporation (potentiometers)

George Gruhn

John Hall, RIC (Rickenbacker)

Ed Mikoski, EIA (Electronic Industries Alliance)

Greg Millar, Toledo Library

United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Toledo Blade Archives

Publications’ extracts¬† quoted:

Donald Brosnac, for Bud Rowe interview extract from his excellent book ‘The Electric Guitar – Its History and Construction’ Published by Pajandrum Press, 1975, San Francisco, ISBN 0-915572-00-1