DeArmond Instructions Sheets

Page last updated November 14, 2021.

One of these sheets, together with a Product Guarantee Card for completion by the purchaser and a card to request information on other products were included in the product packaging.  Most products had just one sheet, while some others had two.  One of DeArmond’s many fold-in products leaflets was also included in the packaging, until the early 1960s.

Guarantee Cards are also shown at the end of this page.

Contents (total 32 sheets):

Pickups: Models 40, 55, 56, 76, 130, 210, 220, 400, 450, 500,  700, 800 Flat-top guitar pickup, 900 (2 versions), 1000/1100 Rhythm Chiefs, 1200, 2200-B & T, 2300, 2400, 3100, 6700, FH/FHC, FHB/FHC-B & FHC-C.

Effects: Models 60B, 600/610, 1600, 1622, 1802, 1850, & 1930.

Guarantee Cards: Blue Form 104, Pink Form 105.


Model 40, Flat-top guitar pickup w V & T controls, Form 138:


Model 55, Archtop guitar w V & T controls, Form 145:


Model 56, Flat-top guitar pickup w V & T controls:


Model 60B, Tremolo control, Form 174:


Model 76, Banjo pickup, no Form No.:


Model 130 Soundhole single-coil pickup by Tosh Electronics Corporation, Form No. 367-00754-00:


Model 210 Soundhole single-coil adjustable pole pickup by H. N. Rowe & Co. Inc., Form No. 144:


Model 220, Soundhole humbucker pickup, page 1 of 2, no Form no.:

Model 220, Soundhole humbucker pickup, page 1 of 2, no Form no.:















Model 400, archtop tenor guitar pickup, Form 133:


Model 450, Flat-top round-hole Tenor guitar pickup, Form 205:

Model 500, Archtop mandolin pickup, Form 128:


Models 600 & 610, Form No. 145:


Model 700, Violin pickup, no Form no.:


Model 800Flat-top transducer guitar pickup, no Form Number:


Model 900, Early version w chickenhead knob and hardwired cable, Form No. 107:

Model 900, Later version w mini jack socket and top-hat knurled knob, Form No. 367-00574-00:


Models 1000 & 1100 Rhythm Chief pickups, Form 121-A:


Models 1200 & 1200-C, H. N. Rowe & Company Inc., Form No. 226: Rhythm Chief pickups, Form 121-A:



Models FH & FHC pickups, first version, overmarked with first revision, no Form number:


Models 1600 Volume Pedal, facsimile,  no Form 121 number:


Model 1622, Stereo Volume Pedal, Form Number 367-00749-00:


Model 1630 Optoelectronic Volume Control, Form Number 367-00741-00:


Model 1802 Weeper, Form no. 367-00733-00


Model 1850, Thunderbolt, no Form no.:


Model 1930, Twister, Phase Shifter, no Form Number:

Model 2200-B & 2200-T Humbuckers, no Form Number:


Model 2300 Humbucking Pickup, Form Number 367-00738-33:


Model 2400, Superbucker, no Form no.:


Model 3100, Transducer by Tosh Electronics Corporation, 2 pages, no Form No.:


Model 6700, issued by Harmony only, for flat-top guitar, Form No. 138H:

The drawing is identical to the instruction sheet for DeArmond’s Model 40 shown above.

Model FH/FHC, Early, Monroe Street, no Form No.:

Model FH/FHC, next version with amendments overmarked, Monroe Street, no Form No.:

Model FHC-B, no Form No.:

Model FHC-C, Form no. 123A:

Guarantee card front, Rowe-DeArmond Inc., Form 104:


Guarantee card front, Rowe Industries, Form 105:

Guarantee card back Form 105:


Catalog request card to Wayne Street, Form No. 106: