DeArmond Instructions Sheets

One of these sheets, together with a Product Guarantee Card for completion by the purchaser, and a card to request information on other products were included in the carton.

Some products had just one sheet, while others had more than one, as the product’s design evolved.  Guarantee Cards are also shown at the end of this page.

Contents (total 32 sheets):

Pickups: Models 40, 55, 56, 76, 130, 210, 220, 400, 450, 500,  700, 800 Flat-top guitar pickup, 900 (2 versions), 1000/1100 Rhythm Chiefs, 1200, 2200-B & T, 2300, 2400, 3100, 6700, FH/FHC, FHB/FHC-B & FHC-C.

Effects: Models 60B, 600/610, 1600, 1622, 1802, 1850, & 1930.

Guarantee Cards: Blue Form 104, Pink Form 105.


Model 40, Flat-top guitar pickup w V & T controls, Form 138:

Model 55, Archtop guitar w V & T controls, Form 145:

Model 56, Flat-top guitar pickup w V & T controls:

Model 60B, Tremolo control, Form 174:

Model 76, Banjo pickup, no Form No.:

Model 130 Soundhole humbucker pickup by Tosh Electronics Corporation, Form No. 367-00754-00:

Model 210 Soundhole single-coil adjustable pole pickup by H. N. Rowe & Co. Inc., Form No. 144:

Model 220, Soundhole humbucker pickup, page 1 of 2, no Form no.:

Model 220, Soundhole humbucker pickup, page 2 of 2, no Form no.:

Model 400, archtop tenor guitar pickup, Form 133:

Model 450, Flat-top round-hole Tenor guitar pickup, Form 205:

Model 500, Archtop mandolin pickup, Form 128:

Models 600 & 610, Form No. 145:

Model 700, Violin pickup, no Form no.:

Model 800Flat-top transducer guitar pickup, no Form Number:

Model 900, Early version w chickenhead knob and hardwired cable, Form No. 107:

Model 900, Later version w mini jack socket and top-hat knurled knob, Form No. 367-00574-00:

Models 1000 & 1100 Rhythm Chief pickups, Form 121-A:


Models 1200 & 1200-C, H. N. Rowe & Company Inc., Form No. 226: Rhythm Chief pickups, Form 121-A:



Models FH & FHC pickups, first version, overmarked with first revision, no Form number:

Models 1600 Volume Pedal, facsimile,  no Form 121 number:

Model 1622, Stereo Volume Pedal, Form Number 367-00749-00:

Model 1630 Optoelectronic Volume Control, Form Number 367-00741-00:

Model 1802 Weeper, Form no. 367-00733-00

Model 1850, Thunderbolt, no Form no.:

Model 1930, Twister, Phase Shifter, no Form Number:

Model 2200-B & 2200-T Humbuckers, no Form Number:

Model 2300 Humbucking Pickup, Form Number 367-00738-33:

Model 2400, Superbucker, no Form no.:

Model 3100, Transducer by Tosh Electronics Corporation, 2 pages, no Form No.:

Model 6700, issued by Harmony only, for flat-top guitar, Form No. 138H:

The drawing is identical to the instruction sheet for DeArmond’s Model 40 shown above.

Model FH/FHC, Early, Monroe Street, no Form No.:

Model FH/FHC, next version with amendments overmarked, Monroe Street, no Form No.:

Model FHC-B, no Form No.:

Model FHC-C, Form no. 123A:

Guarantee card front, Rowe-DeArmond Inc., Form 104:

Guarantee card front, Rowe Industries, Form 105:

Guarantee card back Form 105:

Catalog request card to Wayne Street, Form No. 106: