Model 6811 and 6812 pickups

These pickups were fitted in many Harmony guitars, always with a white bezel.  Though their appearance suggests otherwise, they are surface-mounting pickups.  A small hole drilled under the pickup allows the cable to enter the guitar’s body.  There is also a small cut-out in one side of the bezel as an alternative cable exit.

The bezels were manufactured in a range of depths to suit individual instruments.  The bottom of the pickup bezel is either flat or slightly concave on its long side, to allow for an archtop’s body contours.

A black version of the bezel is used with an S-grille gold foil soapbar in the Harmony Mandolin H35.

Underside of Model 6811 pickup, showing the cable exit in the edge of the bezel.  the pickup is riveted to the steel baseplate shown.  The pickup’s height within the bezel is adjustable.