Model 260 Attachable Pickup.

The Model 260 pickup first appeared in the 1980 4-page DeArmond Inc. green ‘Catalog No. 80’ and the June, 1980 DeArmond Inc. price list.  It last appeared in the 4-page DeArmond Inc. orange & black ‘Catalog No. 83’ of 1983 and the DeArmond Inc. price list dated Jan. 1, 1983.

It is an attachable humbucker/piezo pickup for flat-top roundhole guitars.  The  pickup is positioned within the soundhole by means of two fixed tabs and one spring steel tab.

The pickup is the same design as the Model 230 but with the addition of the Piezo-Magnetic Sensor  (PMS).

The pickup’s technical specification was detailed in the 1983 catalog as follows:

Pickup Type: Proximity magnetic induction and contact piezoelectric,

Magnet Type: Alnico,

Mag. Strength: 750G,

Resistance: 9 K Ohms

Sound hole size: 3.5″ – 4.125″ (8.9-10.5mm.) Dia.