Catalog, 1946, 1948 & 1953, Green, Form 120, Model FHC.

At least three versions of this 10.5″ x 6.25″ (270 x 157 mm.)  fold-out, Form D120,  were produced, each showing prices.  The first, dated 1946, shows an FHC without slots, a hooked pressure rod and clamp.  An RHC is also shown, now with two slots, an update from the Silver 1941 fold-out.  Note the address – 3120 Monroe Street – the original premises.  A total of four products were shown.

The second, dated 1948, shows an FHC-B with two slots, but with the pressure rod and clamp as on later models.  The slots were added to more precisely direct the magnetic field through the coil.  The inner photo shows an RHC-B with a dark brown coil former.  Note also, five new items – Models 500, 600, 700, 900 and 60,  making a total of nine products.  The address is now shown as 1702 Wayne street, where to relocated to in 1946.  The brown mark on the catalog was caused by seepage from the cable’s insulation while stored in the original carton, a common occurrence at that time.

The 1948 version was reprinted in January 1953 with no alterations other than the date.