Tosh Electronics Catalog, 1984.

This is a collection of two double-sided and four single-sided pages, 11″ x 8.5″ (280 x 215mm.) produced by Tosh Electronics from their Haskins Road, Bowling Green address in 1984.  One double-sided page shows the pickups models 130, 230, 240, 260, 500, 700, 750-C, 1300-B and 3010, effects pedals Models 1602, 1622, 1630, 1802 and footswitch TFS-100.

The other pages show PA equipment, amps, speaker enclosures and monitors.  Although these items are branded Tosh Electronics, some of them had earlier been branded DeArmond.  These products included the TM25VC, PA4160 and TM25 which are shown in the ‘DeArmond numbered items’ page of