Spare Parts for DeArmond Products.

Replacement and spare parts for Rowe DeArmond products:

The original products were manufactured between the late 1930s and the early 1980s, a period spanning over fifty years, with the earliest items over eighty years old.

Almost all of the companies who supplied components have disappeared, with the notable exception of Switchcraft, who manufactured the screw-in connector for the early FH/FHC and Rhythm Chief model 1000 pickups and Leviton, who produced the long-discontinued but still much sought-after distinctive push switch for the Rhythm Chief Model 1000 and 1100 pickups.  Centralab, a potentiometer manufacturer whose products were fitted in many pickup and amp controls, is still in business, but their early products have long been discontinued.

1. Power Transformers for DeArmond and CF Martin Tube Amplifiers:

One company contactable through, manufactures replacement transformers for DeArmond and CF martin tube amps.  This is just one of the company’s activities.  They’ve been in business a long time and are nice people to deal with, in my personal experience.  See their link below:

See a photo of one of their transformers below: