The Heath Company, based in Benton Harbor, Michigan, was established in 1912.  They produced a wide range of electrical, audio and electronic products.  In 1947, they produced their first kit, an oscilloscope.  The Heathkit range gradually expanded to include Hi-Fi audio gear, televisions, test equipment, amateur radios, and computers.

In the 1960s, they also produced kits for electric guitar amplifiers and electric guitars.  The guitars are standard Harmony models, rebranded as ‘Harmony by Heath’.

See single-page advert below, showing their three guitars (photo copyright Francois Demont/Harmony Database):

The Harmony H78 guitar kit was marketed as the Model TG-46.

The H56 Harmony twin pickup Rocket with vibrato was marketed as the Model T-36.

The H17 Harmony Silhouette Bobkat was marketed as the Model TG-26.

Model TG-46 guitar with replacement bridge.


Model TG-46 guitar pickup with timber base.


Model T-26 Guitar (photos copyright Andrew Kasprzak, Andover, MA, USA).

Model T-26 Guitar pickups detail.  Neck pickup is riveted directly to pickguard.  Bridge pickup has two circular fibre washers fitted underneath, to raise pickup height.