FHC ‘Guitar Mike’ pickup, 1941

This version of DeArmond’s FH pickup is the earliest currently to hand, and may be the earliest produced.  It features in Rowe Industries’ silver 1941 leaflet.

The particular aspects of this pickup are as follows:



The pressure rod does not incorporate a screwfixed clamp behind the bridge.  Instead, the rod terminates in a U-shaped ‘Lateral Clip’ (DeArmond’s term) which grips the 6th string.  The clip is secured under the circular, milled edge, height adjustment screw in the bridge assembly.

The coil is wound round a bar magnet and secured in its housing by means of two brass countersunk screws.

The volume pot housing is cylindrical, with an overlapping lid.  The incoming and outgoing cables are hard-wired.  The pot has a plain 1/4″ (6 mm.) shaft.  The lid overlaps the pot housing.  The knob is domed, mottled dark brown, with a milled edge, retained by a slot-head grubscrew.