DeArmond Unfinished Pickup Prototypes.

Page last updated July 4, 2021.


The three views above are of a pickup intended for a Fender Coronado Bass.  Its shape is reminiscent of the completed guitar pickup, but without the decorative flange (photos copyright The Sudek Collection).

The three views above are of a guitar pickup based on a standard DeArmond pickup, dated 1967.  Note the threaded ‘nutserts’ spot-welded to the fixing tabs which provide a much better fixing.  This build quality was a Bud Rowe hallmark. (photos copyright The Sudek Collection).



In addition to the six vacuum tube amps marketed by DeArmond – Models R5, R5T, R15, R15T, R25T and the Studio Amp – the company designed some other models and built prototypes in some cases.  These include the Models R6T, R10T, R30T and R60T.

Some photos of part of some of the schematic drawings are shown in the amplifiers page of this website.


The company patented a design (Patent No. 2,920,522, granted January 12, 1960) for an electric keyboard.  When I first interviewed Steve Tosh, who joined DeArmond in 1975, he recalled seeing one of the prototypes for this instrument in the workshop.  The patent for this item is shown in the patents section of this website.