DeArmond Studio Amplifier

This amp was produced as a wall-mounting version of the Model R5T DeArmond amp.  The single page below represents the only literature produced by DeArmond for the product.  This particular page is from a 1961 Grossman Music Corporation catalog.  The page was produced by Rowe Industries, re-numbered to form part of that catalog.


Instructions (as R5 amp):


Schematic drawing:


Front view.  The knobs are not original.


View from below.  Note tremolo foot-switch TS-1.

Interior view.  The amp chassis is exactly as the R5T. .

The original speaker, Model SP-5403.

The EIA number (220044) stamped on the speaker rim denotes Jensen as the manufacturer (220) and the manufacture date as 1960 (0), week 44.

The serial number stamped on the amp chassis is K2 1428.