DeArmond Amplifier Model R5/Martin M110

Extract from 1960 DeArmond Amps Catalog.


R5 instructions.


R5 Example 1, Ser. No. K0457:DeArmond-R5-amp  (B0428):

R5 Vacuum tubes Layout and Serial No. label.


Control panel.

Chassis interior.  Two photos.

Jensen Speaker Type SP-5403.   EIA code (220026) shows 26th week of 1960 as speaker manufacture date.

Amp logo – 1st. version: Plastic, approx. 2″ (50mm.) wide:


Example 2, Ser. No. MH0390:  Martin M110 amp (photos copyright David Boltz B0012).

DeArmond’s in-house reference for this amp was RM5.

Control panel.

Front View of Amp.

Back of amp.  Speaker is not original.


Chassis Views – 2 photos.

Mains Transformer, Ref. No. PT5200

Output Transformer, Ref. No. T-706   549-6026