DeArmond Amplifier Model R15/Martin M112

Extract from 1960 DeArmond Amps Catalog:

R15 Amp Instructions:

R15 Example 1, Ser. No. L0679: DeArmond R15 ampĀ  (B0053):

Control Panel:

Chassis Interior:

Speaker details – 220 054 – Jensen Manufacture, year 1960, week 45:

Front view of amp:

Amp logo – 1st. version:


Example 1, CF Martin Model 112, Ser. No. MM9239, All photos copyright A0164.

DeArmond’s in-house reference for this amp was RM15.

Tubes layout and Ser. No. L0679:


Control Panel:


Chassis Interior (4 photos Note the Erie packs in photos 2 & 3):


M112 amp, general view: