Catalog, 1965, Purple, Form no. 215, CF Martin Archtop.

Catalog 1965, July, purple, Form 215, CF Martin GT-75 Electric Archtop shown on cover: Example 1; Four double-sided unnumbered pages, each 12” x 9″ (305 x 230 mm.); Prices shown; Twenty-three items shown; Page eight shows over 200 prices for spare parts for pickups and ‘foot controls’; Rowe Industries Inc., Airport Highway.

Example 2 of the above catalog is as example 1 except: Four double-sided pages, each 10 5/8″ x 8 3/8″ (270 x 213mm.); No prices shown; Page eight left blank; Rowe DeArmond Inc; No address shown. The pages were printed the same size as example 1 above, and it is likely that they were cropped to fit another vendor’s dimensionally smaller main catalog.  Comparing both versions of Page six, it is seen that some information is lost.

Example 1 – Page 1/8:

Page 2/8:

Page 3/8:

Page 4/8:

Page 5/8:

Page 6/8:

Page 7/8:

Page 8/8:


Example 2 -Page 6/8:  Although this page may appear the same size as those above, its real dimensions are 10 5/8″ x 8 3/8″ (270 x 213mm.)