Model 40 Attachable flat-top pickup

The Model 40 pickup first appeared in the 1959 4-page Rowe Industries’ mauve catalog and last appeared in the 8-page Rowe Industries’ mauve 1965 catalog.

It is an attachable pickup, chrome-finished with no individual pole-pieces and four black-filled slots, for flat-top roundhole guitar.  This is a basic bar magnet pickup, similar to the plain ‘Hershey Bar’ type, positioned within the soundhole and is screwfixed to the front face of the guitar through two tabs.  The pickup’s top cover is rivet-fixed through the bar magnet to the pickup’s steel baseplate.  A separate pre-wired V & T (Volume & Tone) open-backed controls box, hardwired to the pickup head, was designed to be screwfixed directly into the guitar’s top, terminating in a mini-jack socket.  The example shown has two black, cylindrical, tapered knobs and mini-pots with 1/8″ Dia. split chamfered shafts.