DeArmond Model 1000 non-adjustable Rhythm Chief pickup

Rowe Industries’ Model 1000 pickup made its first verifiable appearance in Oahu’s October 1948 Catalog,

This photo from that catalog shows the screw connector, the two transparent cylindrical knobs with slotted-head grubscrews, overlapping cover and the string clamp behind the bridge.  This is the same photo as shown in Rowe Industries’ October 1954 red fold-out (Form 112 dated October 1954) featuring the Model 1000 Rhythm Chief.

This guitar pickup was designed to produce a more even output across all six strings of the guitar than their previous FH pickup series.  Prior to the introduction of the Model 1000 pickup, DeArmond’s FH series of pickups – the FH (earliest dated 1941), FHB and FHC – were all quite similar in appearance and specifically designed for archtop instruments, with the option of a volume controller.  It was originally produced in chrome only, with a black insert.  This was replaced later by a red insert.

Installation instructions leaflet for the Rhythm Chief pickup.

As seen in the leaflet above, the components comprised (A) Pickup Body or head, (B) Pressure rod, (C) Master Clamp, (D) Control Box Clip, (E) Control Box (F) Cord Connector, (G) Volume Control, (H) Tone Compensator (I) Rhythm Switch.

The method of securing the pickup to the instrument was the same as that used in the FH pickup – the pressure rod (B), the master clamp (C) the control box clip (D) and  the cord connector (F).

A. Pickup Body or head: