Company History

Harry DeArmond, aged 16.  He was born in Clinton, Kentucky in 1906.  Harry was employed as a design consultant by Rowe Industries and the other Rowe companies until his retirement in 1975 (Photo copyright DeArmond Estate).

Harry’s business partner Horace ‘Bud’ Rowe and his wife, Viola (Photo courtesy of Toledo Public Library, Ohio).  Bud was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1906.  His background was in electronics and this business continued past the time when the pickup business was sold off in the 1980s. Bud retired in 1976.

Bud’s first company, Fox Electrical and Manufacturing,  was established in 1931.

In 1935, the name of the company was changed to Fox Sound Equipment Corporation, located at 3120 Monroe Street, Toledo.

In 1940, the company name was changed again, this time to Rowe Industries.  The earliest catalog seen is dated 1941, as Rowe Industries Inc..

In 1946, the company moved to an old schoolhouse at 1702, Wayne Street, Toledo, purchased from The Board of Education.

In December 1970, the name was changed to H. N. Rowe & Co. Inc.  By this tine the street name had been changed to Wayne Street

In July 1974, the name was changed to Rowe DeArmond Inc., A Hartzell Corporation Company and a new company, Hartzell Corporation was shown at that address.

In July 1978, the name was changed to DeArmond Inc..

In July 1983, the name is unchanged as DeArmond Inc., but the address is now 350 Holland Rd., Suite M, Maumee Ohio.

DeArmond Inc.’s last address was 1150 Haskins Road, Bowling Green. Ohio.


The Wayne School building at 1702 Wayne Street, Toledo, in 1915.  View is looking Northwest.  Rowe Industries purchased this building from the Board of Education in 1946, when they moved from 3120 Monroe Street.  In 1950, the building was extended in size by over 100% (Photo courtesy of Toledo Public Library, Ohio).

The site of Rowe Industries’ first premises, now demolished, at 3120 Monroe Street, Toledo, where DeArmond pickups were first manufactured.  View is looking North.

The site of the demolished Rowe DeArmond works at 1720 Airport Highway, Toledo, Ohio.  This section of former Wayne Street was renamed Airport Highway in 1965.  This photo was taken  in 2003 at the same location and looking in the same direction as the B/W photo dated 1915 above.

The Rowe DeArmond works at 1702 Wayne Street in the 1950s, after the original front half of the building (RHS of photo) had been extended to the rear (LHS of photo)  by 100%.  This view is looking Northeast.

This building, 4124 Secor Road, Toledo, was the location of DeArmond Research, Harry DeArmond’s own company, from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Another view of 4124 Secor Road, taken in the 1950s, from the same angle, showing that the building has hardly changed externally (Photo copyright DeArmond Estate).



Steve Tosh joined DeArmond in 1973, eventually becoming CEO of the music products part of the company.  During his time with the company, he was responsible for the design and introduction of a number of new products and for updating other existing products.  Catalogs showing some products produced by his own company, Tosh Electronics, which he established after the last DeArmond Toledo company ceased trading are shown in the Catalogs page of this site

Tosh Electronics was located at 1150 Haskins Road, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

Some of Steve Tosh’s designs were originally manufactured by DeArmond and are shown in the Amplifiers page of this site, badged DeArmond.